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CVs & Write-from-Scratch Service

Professional CV / Resume Creation & Enhancement

Many avenues on the Internet may promise a high-end product, but did you ever stop to think that entrusting your CV to a catchpenny template might ring alarm bells with the person examining it? That 'surefire winner' or 'secret weapon' that you think you've stumbled upon might well be tired old hat to those who might otherwise have short-listed you.

The Text Vet® is an expert CV writer with a Masters Degree in Biography. You can be sure that your CV will be honed to the finest point by a skilled hand in life-writing, bringing out the best of you effectively and succinctly*. With a sharp eye for marketing and a proven background in promotional writing, the TEXT VET® can enhance your CV to the point that few others can reach, and all for a highly competitive rate.

* And, when you purchase your Text Vet® CV, you'll receive that much-needed cover letter absolutely FREE.

Audio-typing / Transcription / Summarization

Trust the TEXT VET® to deliver transcription that is not only accurate, but typing that is proofread and quality assured at lightning speed. Whether it's getting to the point with hours of dictation or straightforward audio-typing, the ultra-fast, ultra-accurate service offered by the Text Vet® will take any task in hand.

Outsourcing to the Text Vet® is a secure, economical and quality-assured way to achieve effective transcription or data treatment ahead or time, every time.

Letter Writing

Ever wanted to have that ultra-important letter hit on all levels? Whether it's the ideal complaint letter to get you what you want or that slippery defence to help you slide away from a parking fine, our letter writers have a proven track record with achieving results in this way. Business or personal: everything goes!

Manual Re-writing & 'De-Inglishing'

Does your company have a winning product but a tired loser of an instruction book to let it down? With a solid background in transforming weak, confusing Euro-English into words that inform and direct, trust the Text Vet® to help your product helpline receive fewer calls.


Be it striking the right chord in a designer greeting card, weaving the wild and the wonderful in novelty poetry or writing up that much-needed obituary, the Text Vet® is the answer to delivering every time, ahead of time. Whatever the assignment, if it concerns words then the Text Vet® can help at any or all levels! Just ask. All custom work is considered.


Wondering about that ideal present for your little ones?

Why not give them a bedtime story that puts them in the picture. It could be a jungle adventure, an old-time fairy tale or how about a travel tale that informs and enthralls? Don't forget that the sky's never the limit when there's space to explore, too! Give them something that will help them flex their imaginations for the future. Give them the gift of a Text Vet® 'Story-Teller'.

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