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Services Available

What we do

Tick - Manuscript editing servicesProofreading

Tick - Professional document editing UKEditing

Tick - Help writing essaysWord Selection and Suitability    (writing to order from marketing    ideas)

Tick - Invest in professional copywritingCritiquing

Tick - Professional document editing UKFormatting

Tick - Writing composition helpTranslation (principally North American to English)

Most work is performed on-screen. We do also accept paper manuscripts.

What we do not do:

Factual checking/editing for academic works and writing to order from a student's notes. There is a wise school of thought that forbids a student's work to be misrepresented by being written by an outside party. We respect that here.


DISCLAIMER: The Text Vet® is a proofreading / editing service that includes creative suggestion and textual editing. Whilst every effort is made to enhance the presentation of a writer's work, no guarantee can be given as to how the content or style of work treated, read or checked by The Text Vet® will be received by the client's audience / marker / assessor, etc. The Text Vet® cannot be held liable for the outcome of the client's work. No work of a defamatory or offensive nature submitted will be accepted for treatment by The Text Vet®.
Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers…

Q:  I'm interested in having my work treated. Where do I start?
A: Contact us either by the e-mail link or the telephone number provided. Please be ready with a brief description of your work, its length, audience, stage of development and, most crucially, your deadline. We can then offer a quote.

Q:  I'm happy with the quote offered. What next?
A: Please have your work ready to send as a file attachment that's compatible with Microsoft Word. We will then conduct a reading to assess that the amount of treatment needed matches the quote offered.

Q:  What if my work reads perfectly anyway - will you charge me?
A: If it's under a certain length, there will be no charge, no questions asked. Longer works will require a basic reading fee to cover the Text Vet®'s time.

Q:  How quickly will my work be treated?
A: As quickly as you need, within reason. We work to a strict calendar-to-client system so your work will receive immediate attention. Please be realistic about your deadline. Although The Text Vet® can offer short-notice service to writers, we reserve the right not to accept a deadline which in our judgement is impractical (e.g.: 'My novel needs to be done by midnight tonight!').

Q:  I've got a work that deals with a highly specialised topic. How can you help?
A: In certain cases we may need to ascertain from you the meaning and context of certain words in order to convey the intended message clearly. Once we have this information we will be able to treat the text accordingly.

Q:  My work is top secret! Do you keep it whether I want work done on it or not?
A: Confidentiality is our watchword. Your data will be returned to you in its original version, as well as the treated version, if you accept the quoted price for the service. It will be held in confidence by the Text Vet® for a period of one month (in case you lose the treated version and require a copy) before being deleted.

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